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Ever since I was small, I always had the natural tendency to befriend travelers and more so people who might consider themselves globe trotters, or once perceived as one.
People always come randomly into a page (or just a typical day) in my life and just wander off. You may not think of it as much, but in a country like Japan, let’s say 10 or 20 years ago, unlike today where virtually everybody is a nomad, traveling around the world wasn’t really the everyday norm. Each and everyone comes from different walks from life, and meet and greet with me as one of the many crossroads that they might pass through.

I also believe that I come from a distant place… I was actually born and raised in various place opposite of the globe from this humble sized island archipelago once called “wa” “yamato” “jioang” and most recently “Japan”. I know I grew up there, but along the years I even feel that I have come from even a distant place, like you’ve guessed it, another planet. It is just a notion, but that feeling comes and goes every now and then, even though it has been more than two full decades of living here.

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So this is actually the question that I wanted to ask. Am I the only one feeling this?  This forever continuing quest to find a place called “home”? I think that is one of the questions I will be asking to people I meet. “What is home to you?”  Some might say it’s a sense of belonging, just a mere reference point, and some might say it’s a way to define one’s origin. My easy answer here, is that this is probably a way to end our another endless debate — and this one is a dispute – of labeling each other according to race, ethnicity and skin color. In this day and age, it is becoming more and more difficult to define one’s “identity” but I believe it is much easier to define what is “home” to you. It might be physical place, it might be just the faint smell or even some odor that a certain place is giving off, but there are different angles to look at your “home” so much like who you are. This might be a starting point for many people to find that common starting point.

I also have another reason why I believe it’s important to talk about home. That is the possibly of our interplanetary migration. In all reality, we’re really not sure when it’ll happen, and most likely a speculative outlook is that most of us won’t even be living on Mars, or the moon, or whatever planet in our own life time… however in the years to come, being able to think of home…. Our planet earth… will give you motivation and reasons to live on that planet. My belief is that there’s probably more to life on Mars other than just “survival”. We’ll probably want to settle in and make a new home. Therefore, knowing “what makes home for you” is an important thing. See? This is pretty introspective…. In a sense. But this way you can get best of the two worlds; Now and the future. If you consider the past, that would be the best of three worlds.(wow!)

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Over the next few weeks and possibly few months, this blog is going to make a shift into defining what “home” is and to do that, I’ll try to share with you some of the experiences I’ve had over the last couple of odd years.

Please make comments or contact me if possible, and may the future be with you.

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