TOP 10 Other Japanese Songs during City-Pop era

Chill-hop and Future-Funk, Vaporwave has popularized some of the more quirkier side of the Japanese music pop scene. Sense of nostalgia mixed with music styles hinting a prequal to the cyberpunk/technopop era seemed to have hit some hot spots on those who were Generation Z and Generation X. It seemed like the technological dystopia feared by fiction writers like Phillip K. Dick and George Orwell had finally come into fruition of reality.

There’s been quite a hype about an artist called “Mariya Takeuchi” and her song “Plastic Love”. Mariya Takeuchi was a powerhouse singer/songwriter in the early days of Japanese pop music scene, or now something we all know as “J-pop”. Before artists like Mariya Takeuchi, music in Japan seemed to be focused more on Folk music, Enka (Japanese equivalent of what you might call County music in America), and covers or mimic bands of American rock/pop bands (in the 60s “group sounds”, a mix style that sounded like Beach Boys meets the Temptations was producing quite some hits in Japan.)

Here are 10 “other songs” besides Takeuchi Mariya you might want to check out from the city-pop days.

  1. Yano Aiko featuring Kiyoshi Imawano 「ひとつだけ (Hitotsudake)」

2.YMO, Tong Poo

3. Kaze wo Atsumete, Happy-End

You can also check out other songs by the surviving members of the legendary band.

4. Yumi Arai “Ame no machi wo”

5. Char Smokey

6. Hosono Haruomi, Album: Hosono House

Personally First 4 solo albums by Hosono Haruomi (predating the YMO era) is just perfectly assembled concept albums released back to back. (Hosono House1973, Tropical Dandy 1975, Paraiso1978)

7. P-model “Art Mania”

Known for later solo works of Shinichi Hirasawa, P-model’s first album is techno-pop punk, released at the end of the devade in 1979.

8. Hikashu “At the turn of the 20th century”

9.DOWN TOWN Suger Babe

10. Furaibo- Happy End

Not the most popular song in the Happy End song list, but opening song for their last album.

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