Learn Japanese w/ Rob-san the “Wafoo-American”

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World of Japanese could be a wondrous place at the same time could be a whole lot of challenges. Personally, I had my share of trying to becoming a fluent Japanese “社会人(しゃかいじん、shakai-jin)” , and it was not the easiest thing to do.

A proven method from  a “non-native yet native speaker”

As somebody who comes from a U.S. citizen background (with a bit of U.K. English basics),  it was difficult understanding Japanese business practices and mannerism.Not something to brag about, but my Japanese proficiency was that of a junior high student or probably lower. Especially in terms of my kanji reading/writing comprehension. Despite the lack of Japanese comprehension/communication knowledge, somehow my Japanese appearance deceived my native Japanese counterparts (school admission office, interviewers), until I somehow got into Japanese high school, then university, until I landed a job in Japanese corporate sales….

However, beyond the knowledge of the Japanese language, I had some problems.  I just could not understand people’s intended messages beyond phonetically comprehending and logically understanding the words and sounds that came out of their mouths.

My experience in Japanese society.

Fast forward 20+ years, I have visited over 500 companies (possibly over 1000 companies… or even more) and have spent 10 years in the world of domestic sales. I have sold to and worked with companies with less than 5 employees in the outskirts of Gifu (they still identify areas with names given in medieval times, literally) , to managing accounts for one of Japan’s biggest transportation and global electronics company that had a total of more than 200,000 employees worldwide. I finally got a “gist”, a “feeling”, a view of the “tip of the iceberg” to understanding Japanese culture and mind’s of the people.

Currently, I place myself in out of “nowhere” where I have established a Japanese culture learning center (theotherhousejapan.com) in a rural part of Japan. I have talked and spent time with 100+ travelers from world wide, while also coaching 100+ Japanese learners online.

To prove my point, the above paragraph has been written with minimal revision, and are the thoughts that come from the top of my head. Please view the video below to check my proficiency in Japanese. (*Please put on closed-caption when watching the below youtube video)

What kind of services do I provide?

I provide Japanese speaking/conversation/presentation coaching. If you like some of the material I have given you above, please contact me. I can almost assure you that you’re Japanese will start to sound natural, persuasive, yet having the beautiful humbleness of the Japanese business language. Also, being able to speak and articulate in such a manner will also help you understand Japanese culture even better.

Conversation Practices

  • $28/ 45 minutes  *I will type words into skype only + final text file
    • *1 Trial Lesson Available from $12 / hour.

Private Coaching Lessons (for Professional Situations):

  • $55 / per hour + Check Sheet Analysis + Consulting, Lesson Planning (1 person)
  • $85 /per hour + Check Sheet Analysis + Consulting, Lesson Planning (2 people)
    • 1 Trial Lesson Available from $12 / hour ($25 for 2 people)

Other options:

$200 1 day (5 hours) + travel expenses / for a full-day onsite Japanese consultation.


Methodology (Goals)

Underneath are some goals I will be following with you. As we will go into deep into understanding few core factors, this will help you plot Japanese ideas in your head, in your own style.

  • Identifying your top 30-50 phrases
  • Identifying your top 150 “Survival Japanese” vocabulary
  • Practice and role play real-life situations
  • Choosing together “connectors” to make you sound like a more natural Japanese speaker.
  • Q&A about Japanese mannerism and general culture and values of Japanese people.
  • We can work based upon the material that you are already using.

Other requests upon the lesson sessions are welcomed.

Please inquire through the contact form.