Project/Work (English)

Project/Work (English)

Current jobs and projects, and past credentials. (For Japanese click here. 日本語はこちら


  • Translator, Global Communication Consultant (Japanese-English), Explorer of  Izu Peninusla

Jobs I have done (2016 – current)

  • Language Learning, Translations
    • English Learning Tutoring for local businesses in Izu Peninsula (Clients: Ryokan, Japanese experience workshop facilitators, Japanese luxury hotels, cafe/restaurant, yoga instructor, aroma therapist, shiatsu masseuse, full-time house wife, student)
    • Japanese Learning Tutoring (Online) for Business Professionals and Japan-Philes (Clients:  Japanese branch office employees for Tech startups, Taiwanese Manufacturer, Hatsune-Miku Fan, sport player,)
    • Translations for Company  Overviews, Service Offerings ENG→JP and JP→ENG (Clients: Local Pastry, Government related entities, local chamber of commerce, Japanese small retails; clothing)
  • Planning and Facilitation, others
    • 1DesignLab “E-Izu” revitalization project
      • Project in conjunction with 1DesignLab and Higashiizu Chamber of Commerce.
      • University and high school students spending 4-8 days in Izu Peninsula area to learn about the Izu Peninsula. Final presentations done to city officials and members of the Chamber of Commerce.
    • Facilitation of Seminars and Events related to rural migration in Japan.
      • Rural Life Connections, a meetup group held in Tokyo to connect all kinds of people both Japanese and non-Japanese to introduce and invite the knowns as well as the unknown wonders of the Izu Peninsula.
    • Lecturer at Ritsumeikan University (2017 Winter, 2018 Spring/Winter)

      • Teaching classes as guest lecturer in areas of English communication and Japanese Inaka Promotion.


  • the other house

 the other house logo transparent.jpg
Bringing together writers, bloggers, illustrators, social media marketers, a project aimed to “re-discover” wonders and attractions of Higashi-Izu and the rest of the Izu Peninsula. By connecting travelers and local residents, the project challenges to find the “extra-ordinary ordinary” hidden in the local Japanese culture.,

  • Izu Pen Communication Lab (w/Izu Pen English blog) 

To prepare for incoming (inbound) travelers from abrooad, shares learning methods, phrases, vocabulary focusing on what is necessary for the people of Izu Peninsula, Japan.

  • おひさしぶり OHISASHIBURI  (shortcut to Japanese language) 

As Japanese now being one of the more popular languages to learn, a blog website aimed to explain language concepts and learning tips to non-native speakers (mainly English speakers).  Aims to explains in depth phrases and sentence structures that would be useful in daily converstations.  *Public blog. Please inquire for private lessons.

Other activities, volunteer work

  • 癒しと憩いのライブラリー (Library for Recreation and Relaxaton) Volunteer

A private library located within Southern Cross Resort in Ito, Shizuoka. Along with best selling novels and familiarized books, you can encounter books about natural healing, enthonology, traditonal martial arts and dances, and other “alternative” topics. A very unique library where all books are donated, and all staffs are volunteers.

Past Experiences, Skills, credentials 

  • Business Development role at Global IT Software Vendor (2005-2015)

Work experience in Direct Sales (SMB to VLE, 5 years)  and Partner Alliance (Services, OEM hardware, 5 years) and other various roles within Sales/Marketing and business planning. Experience with both tangible and intangible products/services (Sofware/Hardware/Support/Consulting Services).

  • TOEIC 970 (2005)、EIKEN Grade 1 (1997)

Born in U.S., all priliminary education in  U.K. and U.S. until age of 15.

Business level Japanese acquired through 10 years of domestic B2B sales in a Japanese Corporation (Tokyo Stock 1st Exchange.)

Extensive experience through 2016 to 2018 with explanation of Japanese culture through catering to over 100-200 tourists to Japan.

  • Graduated Domestic University, Faculty of Policy Governance (Emphasis on Communication Studies)

Graduated from liberal arts style university in Japan. Course emphasis on communication studies. *reference availiable upon request.

If skill sets and experience match, will be opened to any kind of role involving, Translations and Global Communication assistance.

If there are request and inquiries, please contact me, or visit the office (“The Other House” in Izu-Okawa).