1DL Design in Inatori


About a few years ago, there is meetyp event I suddenly decided to start called 「[RLC] Rural Life Connections 移住や二拠点生活、都市と地方でのくらし」 http://meetu.ps/c/2TG36/18hwH/d on Meetup.

ふと思いつきで、二年半程前から始めた「[RLC] Rural Life Connections 移住や二拠点生活、都市と地方でのくらし」 http://meetu.ps/c/2TG36/18hwH/d on Meetup という有志の勉強会がある。

The meetup is held in 2 languages (Japanese and English), and it was just out of shere interest to share with foreginers of all status (study abroad, tourists, and long term immigrants) as well as people in the greater Tokyo area who are tied up with the busy “hustle and bustle” city life, genera experiences about Izu and Yamanashi area (this part my co-organizer is in charge of)


It depends on the way you look at things, but when comes every day ife venience, generally Japanese are progressive about the issue, while the so-called west tends to have a liking for the everyday life of the Japanese people. This meetup is intended to bring to light the latter.


先日そのうちの参加者の1人のWeishun Xu氏とのコラボイベントがあった。とは言っても、今回はわたしはただのお客さんとしての立場の参加だったが、過去4回伊豆の東伊豆町に中国の夏休み(8月)と新正月(2月)に来てもらい、今回は5回目の来場だ。なんとなくの紹介で地元商工会や事業者、博物館などとも連携をとってもらい、今回は伊豆稲取の「雛フェス」にも出店者として参加者してもらった。



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